• Playa de Esmoriz

    Av. da Praia 3885, Esmoriz, Portugal .

    Playa de Esmoriz

  • Parque do Buçaquinho

    Rua Futebol Clube de Cortegaça .

    Parque do Buçaquinho

    The Buçaquinho Environmental Park, inaugurated on April 25th 2013, occupies an area of 24 ha of protected forest between Esmoriz and Cortegaça cities with great environmental value and rich biodiversity.

    It includes an extensive forest area, with six ponds, an aromatic plant garden, a playground, an observation tower and other several points of observation of the birdlife where you can enjoy the fresh air, jog, stroll, ride a bike or even have a picnik.

    You will also find an Environmental Education Center with multimedia space were you can learn more about the Barrinha de Esmoriz, the Forest Zone, the beautiful Beaches of the County and the 50 km of existing bike paths.

    For the convinience of the visitor, the Park also has a cafeteria where you can enjoy simple food, healthy drinks and of course tea or coffee.

  • Walking Trail of the Barrinha de Esmoriz

    Av. dos Correios, Esmoriz, Portugal .

    Walking Trail of the Barrinha de Esmoriz

    In the heart of Barrinha’s de Esmoriz natural reserve, a network of footbridges invites you to walk among lagoons, traversing the 8 kilometers of wooden walkways around Barrinha de Esmoriz, with an area reserved for birdwatching.

    You can start this trail in several places along the 8km of this circular course. Since there are several entrances, we suggest the most southern one - next to the soccer field of Esmoriz, with plenty of parking space.